The First National Startup Event

Iranian E-Commerce Scientific Association would held the first startup events with focus on triples of: "E-Commerce", "E-Business" and "E-Banking" and their application on the Iran's industry on July 2018.

Electronic Commerce & Economy Conference

The 9th National Conference and the 3rd International Conference Electronic Commerce & Economy will be held in Iran with the aim of examining the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in the field of information technology and e-commerce. One of the main goals of this Congress is presence of successful Iranian companies and startups in the field of information technology and e-commerce, especially young entrepreneurs and active investors in the field of Internet businesses both inside and outside the country for the exchange information and ideas.

IECA Translated: Enumeration & Analysis

Iranian E-Commerce Scientific Association (IECA) Translated the book of "Enumeration & Analysis: Enumeration and Analysis on he graphs and networks data structures" in persian with Iran's national library rumber: 4799474.

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