Electronic Commerce & Economy Conference

The 9th National Conference and the 3rd International Conference Electronic Commerce & Economy will be held in Iran with the aim of examining the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in the field of information technology and e-commerce. One of the main goals of this Congress is presence of successful Iranian companies and startups in the field of information technology and e-commerce, especially young entrepreneurs and active investors in the field of Internet businesses both inside and outside the country for the exchange information and ideas.

This conference will be followed by business and e-commerce conferences organized by the Iranian Electronic Commerce Association and the companionship and interaction of all organizations, institutions, scientific and research centers, as well as renowned universities in the field of e-commerce and economy,under the motto "Successful Experiences ,Entrepreneurship and Smart Business" will be held in 2018. Conducting this conference is a great opportunity for all professionals, business innovators to challenge their achievements in this area and take the initiative step towards its commercialization.