The First IoT International Conference

The internet connects computers all around the universe and World Wide Web provide a unique platform for information storage, sharing resources and providing services. In Recent years, the advance in information technology fosters the world development. Besides, web-based technologies such as semantic web, network computing, service-oriented and cloud computing make the web not only a research/service platform, but an environment for collaboration and communication of individuals, governments and organizations in an international scale. Prominent of scholars believe development in cloud computing and information networks would revolutionize the digital world in the future and improve health, performance, security, wellbeing and information sharing.

Industrial and commercial development of information technology has a great impact on every facet of modern life. However, this impact can be well be seen as the infrastructure of the internet of things in the future. Internet of things can be seen as the fourth revolution in technology followed by mobile applications.

Internet of things is a new concept in information and communication technology. In concise, internet of things is a modern technology, in which everything (humans, animals, and physical objects) can send information using the network (internet, intranet, etc.). Technology observer organizations’ reports like Gartner show a great tendency toward this new concept. These reports demonstrate IOT as the main infrastructure of the world future development. Gartner reports that more than half of internet communications are attributed to the objects connecting through IOT. According to Gartner, in 2011, more than 15 billion objects were connected through IOT and it is predicted until 2020 this number will overtake 30 billion worldwide. Moreover, According to IDC, IOT market will be increased to 48 billion dollars by 2025 from less than 1 billion dollars in 2015.