The First National Startup Event

Iranian E-Commerce Scientific Association would held the first startup events with focus on triples of: "E-Commerce", "E-Business" and "E-Banking" and their application on the Iran's industry on July 2018.

Key Topics:

  • Business Applications in Information & Communication Technology 
  • IT & Innovation Management in Organizations
  • Electronic Commerce as the Reselience Economy Trigger
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Innovation Banking, Risk Analysis, Electronic Payments
  • Electronic Supply Chain, Electronic Marketplace, Electronic Customs, Electronic Logestics, Electronic Learning
  • Social Network Analysis Tools
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data

The Event Process

  • Getting the Ideas
  • Idea Cheking
  • Idea Proposition
  • Team Creation
  • Idea Implementation
  • Consulting the team by the national and international experts
  • Prototype Generation
  • Commercialization
  • Funding the company
  • Sharing the company stock