Terms and condition of membership in Iranian e-commerce scientific association

Iranian e-commerce scientific association has been established to develop and scientifically promote e-commerce, enhance qualitative growth of the specialized forces and improve research and training programs in e-commerce. Different types of membership in Iranian e-commerce scientific association are as follow:

  • Associate membership: The association founders and all people who have MSc. Degree in e-commerce and related fields, can be an associate member.
  • Affiliate membership: Those who have BSc. Degree and for 5 years are employed in one of the fields mentioned above.
  • Student membership: All students of e-commerce, information technology engineering, computer engineering, industrial engineering, management, economy and other related fields can be a member.
  • Honorary membership: Iranian and non-Iranian people with high academic level in electronic commerce who can effectively and efficiently help develop the association goals.  
  • Legal members: Organizations or companies which are active in research and scientific fields can be a member.

The stages of membership in Iranian e-commerce scientific association for real and legal members are as follow:

  1. For membership in Iranian e-commerce scientific association, you can go to membership part and click on "sign up for a new account" (on the first page of website).
  2. After filling in the forms fields and submitting the required documents, your membership primarily will be confirmed maximally within two working days. So in order to contact you if necessary, please carefully fill in all the fields (especially telephone, mobile phone and email address)
  3. After primary confirmation, the members can pay membership fee payment online with clicking on membership fee payment.


  • Membership fee payment of real members:

    1. Associate and affiliate membership: 200,000 Rials
    2. Student membership: 100,000 Rials
  • Membership fee payment of legal members:

    1. Legal membership: 2000,000 Rials


  1. After paying the fee membership, your membership will be finally confirmed.