Iranian e-commerce scientific association has been established to develop and scientifically promote e-commerce, enhance qualitative growth of the specialized forces and improve research and training programs in e-commerce. The request of establishing the association was reviewed and approved in Iranian scientific association commission in ministry of science, research and technology on 30/6/2009 and finally via the letter no. 2416/3 dated 14/7/2009 was communicated to the board of founders.
Iranian E-Commerce Scientific Association Duties and Missions
Considering the association's articles of association, the duties and missions will be as follow:

  • Conducting the scientific and cultural researches in national and international level using the researchers and specialists who are dealing with e-commerce
  • Cooperation with executive, academic and research organizations and institutions in evaluating, implementing and supervising the research projects
  • Supporting and encouraging scientific researchers and honoring the best researchers and scholars
  • Providing educational, technical and research services
  • Organizing scientific seminars in national, regional and international levels
  • Publishing books and scientific periodicals